Hausmann Hi Lo Mat Tables, Dual Lift / Powermatic, Mats , Pillows, Wedges

Hausmann mat platform tables and accessories are used in physical therapy clinics, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and long term care facilities to help treat patients recovering from illness, injury, and surgery.

Hausmann offers mat platforms, mats, wedges, bolster, and pillows with a variety of features and options to help the physical therapist and physician positon the patient combortably.

  • Dual Lift Powermatic Mat Platforms
  • Platform Mats
  • Floor Mats
  • Upholstered Mat Platforms
  • Space Saver Mat Platforms
  • Bariatric Electric Mat Platforms
  • Crank Hydraulic Mat Platforms
  • Econo Mat Platforms
  • Folding Floor Mats
  • Positioning Pillows
  • Table Pillows
  • Positioning Wedge Systems
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