Hausmann Parallel Bars for Physical Therapy

Hausmann makes the broadest range of parallel bars in the industry, including power parallel bars, standard parallel bars bariatric parallel bars, folding parallel bars, pediatric parallel bars, and wall mounted parallel bars for the physical therapy and athletic training markets.

. Hausmann parallel bars for physical therapy clinics and rehabilitation hospitals come with a choice of designs to teach patients how to walk, take steps, relearn balance in a safe enviromnent.

  • Bariatric Parallel Bars
  • Floor Mounted Bariatric Parallel Bars
  • Floor Mounted Parallel Bars
  • Wall Mounted Parallel Bars
  • Folding Parallel Bars
  • Patented Mobility Platform with Electric Height Bars
  • Patented Ambulation and Mobility Platform
  • Power Height and Width Parallel Bars
  • Crak Height Platform Parallel Bars
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