Hausmann Stairs, Nested Footstools, & Balance Platforms for Therapy Training

Hausmann therapy stairs, ramps and curbs, and balance platforms are used in physical therapy clinics , inpatient physical rehabilitation facilities, and long term care facilities to help teach patients how to walk, step up and over curbs, and perform functional training, such as taking a step down a curb or stairs, or maintaining their balance. Patients recovering from stroke, head injury, orthopedic injuries, and falls are the primary users of the Hausmann therapy stairs.

  • Straight Staircase
  • Convertable Staircase
  • Bariatric ADA Two Sided Staircase
  • Patented 3 in 1 Training Staircase
  • ADA Convertable "Space Saver" Staircase
  • Econo Two-Sided Staircase
  • Nested Footstools
  • Ramp and Curb Set
  • Balance Activity Platform
  • Heavy Duty Balance Boards
  • Rebounder
  • Live Chat Software
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