DonJoy IceMan CLEAR Cold Therapy Unit for Relief of Pain & Swelling

DonJoy IceMan CLEAR Cold Therapy provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of cold therapy helping patients & medical practitioners to easily manage post-operative pain & swelling. The DonJoy IceMan CLEAR Cold Therapy System is used by Athletic Trainers & Physical Therapist to help with sports injury and ACL surgery recovery time. The DonJoy IceMan Cold Compression System is for conditions that require sustained cold therapy to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. 

The DonJoy IceMan CLEAR³ cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation. It provides extended cold therapy Cold therapy is especially useful for sprains, strains, pulled muscles and pulled ligaments. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop circulations system, which maintains consistent and accurate temperatures. 

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