IontoPatch Iontophoresis Patches

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IontoPatch is the perfect alternative to Empi Hybresis and Action Patch. With 4 products to choose from, choose a 4 hour patch up to a 24 hour patch delivering between 40mA and 120 mA.

IontoPatch is needle free,box and wire free, charger free, electronic transdermal drug delivery device designed for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation market. It is used primarily by physical therapists, occupational therapists and sports medicine professionals to deliver drugs to specific anatomical sites. Products include the IontoPatch 80, IontoPatch Extra Strength, IontoPatch STAT, and IontoPatchSP.


Electronic or "active" drug delivery is a non-invasive technology that utilizes controlled low-level electrical energy to transport drugs through the skin (transdermal) or other sites in the body in a safe and effective manner. In the context of transdermal drug delivery, "active" (electronic) transdermal drug delivery can provide significant advantages relative to traditional "passive" transdermal drug delivery. These include greater rate and control of delivery as well as a broader range of drugs that can be administered.
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