Quantum Upper Body Exercise Stations for Fitness Centers & Physical Therapy Clinics

Quantum Fitness offers the vertical chest press, converging vertical chest press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, biceps curl, & triceps extension machines for physical therapy clinics & fitness centers. Pick your vinyl color & frame color.

Quantum Fitness upper body stations provide a variety of useful resistance exercise techniques which effectively strengthen and tone major muscles groups in the arms, chest and back. Each unit is outfitted with a pin selected weight system which creates varying levels of resistance to encourage a safe, progressive strength training experience.

  • An ergonomic design and durable, state of the art materials provide improved floor space efficiency and a rugged, long lasting build
  • Outfitted with an easy to use pin selected weight system, appropriate for novice and advance trainers alike
  • Utilizes gentle, safe resistance training as a low impact alternative to lifting free weights
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