SWEDE-O OA Knee Brace


SWEDE-O OA Knee Brace

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    Product Description

    The Swede-O OA Knee Brace is an off-the-shelf product that effectively unloads the affected compartment of the knee to relieve pain plus helps to rehabilitate the quadraceps that have atrophied as the disease progresses. The ability to increase quad strength is accomplished by correcting the abnormal gait of the patient with routine use of the brace. By re-strengthening the quads, the brace assists in delaying the progression of Osteoarthritis (OA).


    • Effectively unloads the affected compartment of the knee to relieve pain.
    • Helps to rehabilitate the quadriceps that have atrophied.
    • Functionally corrects the abnormal gait associated with OA.
    • Double upright design with rotating thigh cuff provides superior comfort and support.
    • Use of a contour air bladder positioned mid-knee provides either corrective valgus (outward angulation) or varus force (inward angulation).
    • Use of a second contour air bladder aids in lower leg alignment.
    • Use of a R.O.M medial hinge to control both flexion and extension motion when necessary.
    • Low-profile design and dynamic conformability prevent brace migration.

    Sizing Chart

    • Valgus is to correct valgus deformity / lateral OA/ "Knock Knee"
    • Varus is to correct varus deformity / medial OA / "Bow Legged"
    Size Chart

    A is measured 6" (15.2 cm) from middle of patella upwards, and then measure the thigh circumference.

    B is measured 4" (10 cm) from middle of patella downwards, and then measure the calf circumference.

    Look at the chart above for the proper size. If the patients dimensions do not fall within the size range, a custom brace should be considered.

    If in between sizes it is recommended to order the larger size.

    Size Chart

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