Ossur Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer Brace Support


Ossur Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer Brace Support

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    Product Description

    The Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer provides all the comfort of a foam knee immobilizer with the durability of a more expensive model. The product has a brushed nylon backing on both the inside and outside for durability and greater comfort against your skin. Applying the product around your knee is easy with the velcro straps. Simply loop back on themselves with the D rings and fasten using their hook and loop closures. The Ossur Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer comes in a 14", 19", and a 24" length to fit every size individual. It perfectly suited for use after specific types of knee surgeries, as well as, ligament sprains and dislocations.


    • Knee Sprains.
    • Recovery after knee surgery.
    • Acute patella dislocations.


    • Brushed nylon covered foam for softness and durability.
    • Velcro straps with loop lock closures make fitting fast and easy.
    • Plastic D-rings for easy tightening of the straps.
    • Lightweight rigid posterior stays with adjustable medial and lateral stays (metal).
    • If the metal stays are left off, this brace can accommodate circumstances where the patient needs a brace without any metal.
    • Available with optional accessory: hot and cold therapy gel pad that helps defeat the pain cycle by providing cold therapy to reduce swelling and /or hot therapy to increase blood flow and stimulate recovery.
    • Fits right and left sides.
    • Available in 14", 19", and 24" lengths - see sizing chart tab.
    • Available Colors: Black

    Sizing Chart

    Determine the correct sizing of this product based on the height of the individual. Divide the immobilizer's total length in half and measure from the middle of the kneecap up your thigh to see where it will rest. Example: 14" length immobilizer divided by two equals 7". So the product will stop 7" up on your thigh measured from the middle of your kneecap.
    200130 14"
    200140 19"
    200150 24"

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