Ossur RehabPost-Op Knee Brace (Replacement Softgoods)


Ossur RehabPost-Op Knee Brace (Replacement Softgoods)

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    Product Description

    The Contour is designed to fit specifically the right or left leg, and can be ordered in either a long or short model. The Universal model is standard to fit both left and right. Both are available with breathable “Air Light” padding or tissue controlling “Full Foam”.


    • Patient comfort with the cool and breathable Air Light design
    • Warmth and maximum tissue control via Full Foam model
    • Yellow strap tabs allow quick brace placement and adjustment
    • Push-button system for easy length adjustment
    • ROM control in 15° increments: Flexion 0°-105°, Extension 15°-90°
    • Low profile: fits easily under clothing
    • Drop-lock option is available for some models
    • For post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation
    • Suggested weight range: up to 250 lbs

    Sizing Chart

    B-705000502 Air Light
    B-705000503 Full Foam


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