Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace


Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace

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    Product Description

    Get back into action with the MalleoLoc ankle brace from Bauerfeind. It's perfect for playing basketball, volleyball or everyday activities. The MalleoLoc provides excellent lightweight ankle stability and is contoured to provide total control of excessive roll over without natural movement. It's made from a thermomolded plastic which can be heated to make minor fitting adjustments. A combination of padding on the inside of the Malleoloc along with an open, low profile design, allow for increased comfort and heat transfer unlike typical laceup designs. The product is features a semi-rigid design and provides a combination of support with a little give for enahanced comfort. This model will fit inside almost any athletic or dress shoe without difficulty. The Bauerfeind Malleoloc is ideal for patients suffering from chronic ankle sprains, posterior tibialis tendonitis, and people involved in athletics.


    • Chronic ankle instability ankle sprain prevention.
    • Posterior tibial dysfunction.
    • Post-operative rehabilitation.
    • Post-cast removal.


    • Fits in front of the outside ankle bone and behind the inside to prevent the outward rolling of the ankle joint and enhance control of the ankle.
    • The unique Malleoloc design leaves the heel and front of the foot free for natural movement and allows for full plantar and dorsiflexion.
    • The thermoplastic material may be heat-molded to provide a custom fit for enhanced stability.
    • Figure-8 Velcro strapping stays secure even with vigorous activity.
    • The Malleoloc ankle brace features color-coded straps for easy patient application.
    • Individually adjustable Velcro straps for precise comfort and fit.
    • Lightweight and streamlined to fit inside any shoe.


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