Ossur Airform Pre-Inflatable Stirrup Ankle Brace


Ossur Airform Pre-Inflatable Stirrup Ankle Brace

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    Product Description

    The Ossur Airform Pre-Inflatable Ankle Stirrup has a one of a kind self-contained pneumatic design that greatly increases stability without the rolling and swaying most commonly experienced in other ankle stirrups. It features pre-inflated bladders that allow for air to flow back and forth inside the chambers without producing a bottoming out affect from having a single air chamber design. The Airform Pre-Inflatable Ankle Stirrup provides a continuous smooth interface with the lower leg to improve the overall fit and compression around the outside of the ankle joint needed for pushing edema away from the joint. The product features a pivoting heel strap that allows for full ankle dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion movement inside your shoe. It's got a lightweight supportive outer shell that's perfect for managing ankle sprains.


    • Pre-inflated, pulsating air bladder with regulated chambers reduces bottoming out and decreases edema
    • No straws, or over-inflation
    • Adjustable, pivoting heel strap increases comfort and allows for full range of motion
    • Designed specifically to fit either the left or the right ankle
    • Lightweight outer shell design for plenty of support.
    • Unique, pre-inflated air-bladder design eliminates air from bottoming out towards the bottom during the fitting process.
    • No tubes, or air bulbs required for inflation.
    • Pulsating air flow through its chambers helps provide a comfortable fit.
    • No straws or pumps needed; No over inflation is possible.
    • Pivoting heel strap allows full ankle plantar-flexion (toes down direction) and dorsi-flexion (toes up direction) movement inside your shoe.

    Sizing Chart

    80101 Adult Right White 1 ea
    80100 Adult Left White 1 ea
    70101 Youth/Pony Right White 1 ea
    70100 Youth/Pony Left White 1 ea

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