Ossur Airform Universal Inflatable Stirrup Ankle Brace


Ossur Airform Universal Inflatable Stirrup Ankle Brace

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    Product Description

    The Ossur Airform Universal Ankle Brace for the pneumatic treatment of acute ankle injuries. Airform products utilize our Flex-Edge technology to eliminate the pressure points caused by traditional stirrups and create a more comfortable experience for patients.

    Flex-Edge surrounds rigid plastic for greater support and comfort. Adjustable air bladders offer variable compression. Universal fit. Fits left or right. White. Sizing: Adult fits most adults; Youth/Pony fits juniors and smaller women.


    • Patented "Flex Edges" surround the rigid plastic delivering more support and comfort compared to other rigid stirrups
    • Pivoting Heel Straps increase comfort and allow for full Dorsal and Plantar Flexion Range of Motion
    • Inflatable air bladders allow the patient and/or care giver to adjust the level of compression that leads to reduction in swelling
    • Easy to adjust and apply
    • Provides or Medial and Lateral control while allows for normal dorsi/plantar flexion
    • Universal design fits both left and right ankles, reducing inventory
    • Soft Flex-Edges provide a universal fit without sacrificing comfort or stability
    • Inflatable air bladders provide adjustable pneumatic compression
    • Adjustable heel strap allows for easy width adjustment

    Sizing Chart

    80250 Adult Universal White/Grey 1 ea
    80350 Adult Universal Grey/Black 1 ea
    802506 Adult Universal White/Grey 6 ea
    80251 Youth/Pony Universal White/Grey 1 ea

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