Hoyer Lifts and Slings for Home and Hospital by Joerns

The combined elements of ergonomic consideration, injury prevention and human factors all help our Hoyer lifts and slings to meet the needs of the caregiver and resident, in the home as well as the hospital, nursing home, and long term care facility. Hoyer Lifts and slings are used by nurses, nurses aides, and physical therapists in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and by caregivers in a patient's home to provide assistance in lifting and moving a patient. Available with a variety of comfortable Hoyer slings.;

  • Reduces Caregiver Injuries
  • Patient Safety/Comfort Focused
  • Mitigates Risk of Falls
  • Reduces Pressure Ulcers
  • Cost reduction related to workers compensation and liability insurance.
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