Hoyer Lifts and Slings/Joerns Patient Handling , Therapeutic Mattress , Pressure Sore Prevention

Joerns & Hoyer Lift are synomomous with preventing decubitus, moving patients safely, and positioning patients in nursing homes, hospitals, long term care facilities, and at home using products such as alternating pressure low air loss mattresses, Hoyer lifts, P.T>O. Matt systems for pressure redistribution, donuts for managing pressure around bony prominences, wheelchair pads, Bioguard mattress overlays, convoluted foam bed pads, Hoyer lift slings and Hoyer Lift standing aids, foam bed pads, therapy off crate overlays, Leg wedges, leg elevators, elbow protectors, vinyl covered wedges, hospital pillows, heel & ankle protectors, foot cradles, foam head cradles, abduction pillows, contour cushions, 50 degree body alignment wedges,

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Joerns Healtcare products include the Hoyer Lift patient lift and positioning products, mattresses, bolster and wedges, as well as products to manage pressure areas for patients that are bedridden. Joerns products are used in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, as well as by patients at home recovering from surgery or illness..

  • Mattresses
  • Positioners
  • Pressure Systems
  • Lifters and Slings
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