Kimberly Clark Surgical Drapes for Hospitals, Clinics, Labs

Kimberly Clark surgical drapes include drapes for laparotomy, upper extremity, under buttocks, ophthalmic, half drape, cholecystectomy, three quarters drape, utility drapes, urology, shoulder, hip, angiography, abdominal, breast, cystoscopy, chest, bi-limb, lithotomy, hand, lower extremity, u-drapes, eent, pelviscopy, knee arthroscopy, pacemaker, and brachial angiography.

Our complete line of surgical drapes and packs cover an extensive range of surgical procedures. As a recognized leader in the development of high-performance medical fabrics, we hold over 650 patents for advanced nonwovens. And now, we bring you more choice than ever in surgical drapes that provides the critical balance of properties your demanding work requires: barrier protection, flame resistance, lint and abrasion resistance.
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