Cando Manipulation and Dexterity Tests

Dexterity tests are used in physical therapy clinics rehabilitation hospitals, and work hardening clinics to measure, using standardized tests for coordination, gross movements, timed movements, and response, to document if a patient is capable of returning to activities of daily living or returning to work.

Our offerings of dexterity tests include the Purdue Pegboard, Lafayette Pegboard, Grovved Pegborad, Roeder Manipulation Test, Resistive Prehension Manipulation and Dexterity Tests, Work Bench Manipulation and Dexterity Test, Hand Tool Manipulation and Dexterity Test, Pipe Tree Manipulation and Dexterity Test, O'Connor Dexterity Test, Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test, Graded Range of Motion Arc, Color Coded Stacking Cones, Graded Pinch Exercisers, Extend Your Reach Exercisers, Vertical Ring Trees, Bolt Boards, and Activity Boards.

Cando offers a variety of Manipulation and Dexterity Tests that measure the following:

  • Eye-hand Coordination
  • Speed
  • Gross movements
  • Timed unilateral motor response
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