Mettler Electronics, Sonicator Ultrasound, Combination Units, G5 Massage , Cavitator

Mettler Electronics manufacturs the Sonicator Ultrasound, Sys Stim 229 Electrotherapy Unit, Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner, G5 Massage products, Sonicator Plus Combination units, APT Active Passive Trainers, and Traction units.

Mettler products are used in physical therapuy clinics, athletic training rooms, and inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and long term care facilities to treat patients for chronic and acute pain, muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle spasms, and swelling.

Mettler Cavitator units are used to clean medical instruments and jewelry with ultrasound waves.

Call toll free 1-866-887-6811 ext 1 to get a quote with a special discount or ask for a coupon code to use at checkout for up to 20 percent off any Electrotherapy or Ultrasound from Mettler.

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