Small Exercise Balls

Mini-Balls are soft, strong, and easier to hold than standard balls. They allow the provider to control the bounce and softness. Balls will even bounce if semi-inflated for a more effortless grasp. Lighter and more pliable than vinyl balls and can still support a lot of weight. Isokinetics offers Mini Balls from Isokinetics Inc., Thera-Band, Cando, and Fitball. The choice is yours. Mini Balls can be used in core strengthening exercises

The Mini Ball is a sure way to tone your abs and inner thighs as well as increase your flexibility, core strength and endurance. The Mini Ball is also a wonderful tool for adding focus & energy to your workouts. It is also suitable for relaxation, abdominal muscle training and neck massages. It can also be used as supporting cushion, when it is partially inflated. The Mini Ball is easy to inflate by gently blowing into the inflation straw (included).

Mini Balls can also be used with Pilates exercises.
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