Chattanooga Group Electrotherapy Combination Units, Stim Units and Ultrasound from Chattanooga Group

Chattanooga Intelect Legend, Legend XT, and Transport Combo units, electrotherapy stim units, and ultrasound units are used in physical therapy clinics, athletic training rooms, hand therapy clinics, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, chiropractic clinics, and hand therapy clinics to treat chronic and acute pain, muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle spasms, swelling and for muscle re-education for therapy patients recovering from injury or surgery.

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Chattanooga Group is known to be the Industry leader for its innovations in electrotherapy and ultrasound equipment. What puts us so far ahead? Other manufacturers don't have the years of electrotherapy experience that we possess. That advanced knowledge of electrotherapy allows us to get to know the clinician, making us aware of his or her real concerns. Lastly, we're not afraid to experiment with the latest advancements in electrotherapy technology, daring to give solutions while other companies won't even address the problem. This process of experience, research and experimentation allows us to create problem-solving, state-of-the-art electrotherapy equipment that meets the needs of today's medical practitioner.
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