Chattanooga Group Thera-Therm Electric Moist Heating Pads for Pain Relief and to Relax Muscles

Electric Moist Heating Pads replace the standard hot pack to provide efficient hot pack therapy to relieve pain and soften tissue without having to have a water filled hot pack machine.

Moist heating pads draw moisture from the air and stores it in specially design cloth covers. When switched on, high heat transfers the moisture from the blanket to the treatment area. Moist heat carries heat through the body more effectively than air.

The body's response to moist heat is dilation of the blood vessels, causing an increase in the blood flow to the area under treatment. This helps flush away waste products and bring in fresh blood to the treatment area. Moist heat soothes back pain caused by muscle spasms and temporarily relieves the pain of arthritic and muscle skeletal conditions.
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