Neuro 7 Neurological Neurosensory Device

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The Neuro 7 was created so that the 21st century medical professional can do a first-rate neurosensory exam. The founders of J&R Enterprises brought the Neuro 7 to the global market using exceptional materials and engineering. It has been crafted into an ergonomic design with incomparable functionality. This is the ultimate high-end device for the meticulous practitioner

J&R Enterprises is committed to improving patient care by simplifying the delivery of complete, consistent neurosensory exams.

The Neuro 7 is a light-weight, compact tool that incorporates a reflex hammer, light-touch brush, sharp-dull tool, wartenberg wheel, variable two-point discriminator, plantar stimulation tool, and light source for pupillary reflex into one revolutionary, hand-held device.By using all seven of the Neuro 7's instruments, you can be confident that your patients are receiving consistent, thorough neurological sensory evaluations key step in quality assurance.

Features include:
  • Taylor and buck-type reflex hammer
  • Sharp/Dull Testing Instrument
  • Variable two point discriminator
  • Edge for plantar stimulation
  • Replaceable Wartenberg pinwheel
  • Light touch testing instrument
  • 10 gm. Monofilament
  • Penlight
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