Cramer Foam Padding, Felt, Therm-O-Foam, Horseshoe Pads and Heel Cups for Protection

Athletic trainers and coaches rely on Cramer Padding and Protectives to provide high and low density foam, adhesive foam, cast cover kits, dual density foam, felt, therm-o-foam padding, orthogel padding, felt horseshoe pads, and economical padded heel cups to protect their athletes.

Cramer Padding & Protectives know that Athletic trainers have long been known for their ability to creatively solve any problem put in front of them. If they need a semi-rigid splint or want to protect a specific area, they don't get something custom ordered, they make it themselves. When that time comes, Cramer has you covered with a full line of padding, protective foams and gels of varying densities and thicknesses that will come in handy.
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