Exercise Ball and Inflatables Air Pumps

Exercise Ball and Inflatables Air Pumps

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    Product Description

    Economical air pump

    Faster Blaster Pump- $10.55 + shipping

    Isokinetics Blaster Pump - $5.99 w/FREE SHIPPING

    Economical Hand Pumps

    Our most economical models. If you only need an air pump to occasionally inflate your exercise ball or other small inflatables, this will do the job, but larger models are recommended for frequent users or for larger inflatables.

    • Pumps on the up and down stroke
    • Hand held model
    • Small size, convenient to carry and store
    • Length: 11" (Isokinetics); 11.5" (Faster Blaster)
    • Diameter: 2"
    • Nozzles: 1
    • Time to fill 65mm exercise ball: about 4 minutes
    Review: With the small shaft size, it does take a lot of up and down strokes to fill a 65mm exercise ball. Our test require over 350 up and down strokes to fill the ball. If you pump at a steady pace with no beaks, it should about 4 minutes to fill a ball.

    exercise/balance cushion pump

    Exercise/Balance Cushion Needle Nose Pump - $4.99 w/FREE SHIPPING

    Even though our Exercise/Balance Cushions come pre-inflated to a level the vast majority find suitable, some customers prefer a firmer level. We offer this economical model for that purpose, although it can be used for any item requiring a needle nose pump nozzle. It also comes with an additional nozzle that works with many other inflatables, but the air volume of this pump is the lowest of any we offer and inflates only on the down stroke. It is just right for adjusting Exercise/Balance Cushions, but not suitable for anything bigger.

    • Includes 1 metal needle nose nozzle and 1 plastic general use nozzle
    • Sturdy plastic design
    • Length: 9.5" 
    • Diameter: 1.3"
    • Ideal for low volume inflation, such as exercise/balance cushions
    • An economical solution

    high volume air pumps

    Double Action 2.0L by Sports Stuff - $42.81 + shipping

    Isokinetics Two Way Pump - $13.95 + shipping

    Heavy Duty Air Pumps

    Our biggest, sturdiest models. Good for exercise balls and small to large inflatables. Has a well anchored hose to handle higher pressure situations and multiple nozzles to fit almost anything. Built for heavy use.

    • Pumps on the up and down stroke
    • Attached hose to one side to inflate and to the other side to deflate
    • Foot anchored model
    • Doubles as a bilge pump
    • Length: 18"
    • Diameter: 4"
    • Nozzles: 4
    • Time to inflate a 65mm exercise ball: about 1.5 minutes
    Review: You need your feet to anchor it but because of its larger size you don't need to bend over as much as other models. You can tell by using them they were built for heavy duty use. Our test only took 75 up and down strokes and less than 1.5 minutes to fill a 65mm exercise ball. One feature on this model that may be handy is the way the air hoses lock in place. If you have higher pressure inflatables or you want to put all your weight into pumping it, this will keep the hose in place and not pop out under pressure. It also deflates, which is great for shrinking items down as far as possible for storage.

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