Pain Relief Products-Analgesics, Massage Tools, TENS and Traction

TENS units, topical analgesics, massage canes and rollers, as well as cervical and lumbar home traction devices can help relieve pain for a patient at home at a reasonable cost.

We have a large variety of pain relief products that will help relieve back, neck, and extremity pain. Pain can be broken down into acute and chronic pain. Acute pain has a sudden onset and can be caused by trauma, arthritis, fractures, infections, internal organ disease, tumors, and cancer. Chronic pain lasts for months with no relief and can be caused by a large number of things. Arthritis is very common and the major cause of pain and disability. Rheumatoid arthritis is due to inflammation or swelling of the joint lining which damages the joint. Osteoarthritis is a condition due to wear and tear in the joints. Pain can also be caused by injuries such as fractures, contractures, strains, ligament tears, and dislocations. Our products such as Biofreeze™, TheraCane, and Tens Units are very popular with pain associated with the above problems.
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