Waxwel Paraffin Bead Refills - Citrus Scent - 6lbs

Waxwel Paraffin Bead Refills - Citrus Scent - 6lbs

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    Product Code: cg_11-1746

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    Product Description

    WaxWel paraffin bath refills are compatible with all paraffin warmers. WaxWel paraffin is high quality paraffin with excellent melting characteristics, moistness and feel. When your paraffin bath needs additional paraffin, simply add the proper amount of beads to fill the tank. The beads are easy to pour (dispense) and quick to melt. You should be “back in business” within minutes for that soothing heat therapy. The WaxWel refills, pastille pellets (beads) are sealed in individual polybags in increments of 1 pound.


    • Comes in 6 x one-pound bags of paraffin beads
    • Quick melting paraffin beads for any paraffin bath
    • For personal and professional use
    • Paraffin treatment provides soothing heat therapy
    • Also comes unscented - Sku (cg_11-1750)


    6 - one pounds bags

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