Pedal Exercisers for Home & Physical Therapy Clinic Use

Isokinetic's offers standard pedal exercisers, magnetic pedal exercisers, & the Saratoga & Colorado Cycles for upper and lower body exercises. Our pedal exercisers are portable, and are suitable for exercise in the home or the clinic.

A Pedal exerciser is a perfect alternative to traditional stationary bikes because they are portable, easier-to-use, and offer more variety because you can place it on a table to use it with your hands. A Pedal exerciser can be used for upper and lower body exercises to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range of motion, and coordination. Pedal exercisers are convenient, affordable, time efficient, and a perfect home exercise accessory. Use it to increase strength and improve coordination and circulation. Because they are compact and lightweight you can take it on trips, place it on a table for use with your hands, easily move it from room to room or outside, and it can be stored in many places.
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