Phoenix Outrigger for Hand Therapy

The Phoenix Outrigger simplifies fabrication of low-profile dynamic MP extension splints. Patients appreciate the light weight, low profile, and smooth, curved surfaces.
  • Easy to attach to thermoplastics by bonding layers or by thumb nuts (sold separately)
  • Wheels slide on the dorsal wire for fine lateral adjustments & rotate 3/4 proximal distal adjustment
  • Radial outrigger is attached to the dorsal wire to correct either ulnar deviation or rotation deformity
  • One contoured dorsal outrigger wire
  • One adjustable radial outrigger attachment
  • Four pre-tied finger slings
  • Three finger slings with grommets
  • Four slotted pulleys
  • One thumb nut/rubber band post
  • One 5/64" hex wrench
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