I-Bresis Dose Controller Units-Dual Channel Chattanooga Unit, I-Box & Trivarion Phoresor

The Chattanooga Dual Channel Phoresor, the I-Box Phoresor, I-Bresis Dose Controller & Charging Station, & the Trivarian Phoresor are indicated for the administration of soluble salts and other drugs into the body for medical purposes as an alternative to hypodermic injection in situations when it is advisable to: Iontonphoresis is primarily used in rehabilitation to help resolve inflammation using dexamethazone. Intophoresis can also be used to help soften scar tissue, especially in hand therapy patients. We offer a dual channel phoresor from Chattanooga Group and the Trivarion phoresor. Both units will deliver up to 80 milliamps of current to the site.

  • Avoid the pain that may accompany needle insertions and drug injection
  • Minimize the infiltration of carrier fluids
  • Avoid the damage caused by needle insertion when tissue is traumatized
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