Power Plate - My5 Vibration Plate


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Power Plate - My5 Vibration Plate

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    Price: $5,100.00

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    Product Description

    The Power Plate My5 model brings great full-body fitness results in home workouts as short as 30 minutes a day, three days a week. With three frequency options between 30-40Hz, this vibration plate is more customizable than the MY3 machine and its larger surface provides more maneuverability. With a higher max user load and a remote, you can fast forward to the body you want.

    The Power Plate My5 model makes Acceleration Training™ exercise accessible for use in your home. The sleek design, user friendly settings and remote control help the Power Plate my5 fit harmoniously within your residence or private office.


    • Home model (home warranty): 2 year parts and labor
    • 50% larger than My3 plate service
    • Time: 30 or 60 seconds
    • Vibration: Horizontally, 30-40 times / second
    • High / Low settings for vertical displacement
    • Available in silver, black, and white
    • Additional features above My3:
    • -Remote control for ease of use
      -Quick-Start programs for strength, stretch, massage and relax
      -Capacity for additional weight

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