Pronex Cervical Traction Unit for Managing Neck Pain

Pronex Cervical Traction Unit for Managing Neck Pain

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    Product Description

    Unique design provides anatomically correct tractionSupports the natural curve of the cervical spine and provides an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs. Does not aggravate the temporomandibular joint.

    User friendly and without restraintsPortable, comfortable and convenient. No assembly, no weights, no cables, no springs or levers. It's restraint free. Encourages regular use by the patient at home, helping to break the chronic pain cycle.

    • Design advantages
    • Comfortably supports head and neck
    • Exerts force evenly and gently
    • No pressure on the TM joint
    • Supports normal curvature of cervical spine
    • Gentle traction release
    • Light and simple enough to use while traveling
    • Weight 5 lbs
    • Encourages a high rate of patient compliance

    Proof of effectivenessProfessionally conducted surveys prove that Pronex™ relieves pain, promotes the healing process, and helps patients resume normal work and social activities. (A survey of more than 300 Pronex™ users revealed the product's effectiveness in relieving chronic cervical pain.)

    Three Sizes available:Regular- Fits 14" to 16" neck circumferenceLarge- Fits 16" to 18" neck circumferenceWide- more than 18" neck circumference

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