Saunders Lumbar Home Traction - Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac - New Model


Saunders Lumbar Home Traction - Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac - New Model

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    Product Code: sg_new101099

    Price: $475.00

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    Product Description

    Saunders Lumbar Traction Provides High-Quality Treatment ThatReplicates Clinical Traction!

    The patient is held secure bycomfortable thoracic and pelvic belts. Most users can positionthemselves without help. Patented pump incorporates an easy "click intoplace" mechanism for pumping, sustaining, and releasing thetraction—it's easy to use and eliminates air leaks. Gauge iscalibrated in lbs/kgs to provide feedback and promote consistency intreatment.

    Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac New Design

    Affordable High-Quality Traction at Home!

    A proven alternative tosurgery for some patients
    • Friction-free surfaceensures smooth motion
    • Easy to read pressure gaugeprovides total control of the force at all times
    • Blow-off valve limits theamount of force that can be applied
    A cost effective option tocontinuous clinical care
    • Split table designreplicates clinical traction and promotes consistency of treatment
    • Actively moving treatmentsurface ensures efficient application of traction
    • Patented pneumatic systemensures reliable force accuracy and leak-free performance
    Easyto Use
    A portable treatment solutionthat increases patient compliance and satisfaction
    • Comes complete - no assemblyrequired
    • Non-slip harness incorporatebelt-organizers for quick set-up
    • Patented pump designincorporates a simple "click in place" mechanism

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