Pro-Tec Athletics - Ankle Wrap


Pro-Tec Athletics - Ankle Wrap

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    Product Description

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    Provides moderate support for ankle sprains.

    How It Works:
    The Ankle Wrap stabilizes the ankle joint, preventing sudden twists or turns which may cause further injury.

    Design Features:
  • 1. Neoprene sleeve, for warmth and compression
  • 2. Figure 8 elastic wrap, for support control and stabilization
  • 3. Comfortable within any shoe

  • Item 2100 Small: Men's (5-7) Women's (6-7)
  • Item 2101 Medium: Men's (7-10) Women's (8"-10")
  • Item 2102 Large: Men's (11-14) Women's (10-13)
    (Measurement based on shoe size)

    pro-tec ankle

    Product Recommended For Ankle Sprain
    Medical Definition: The stretching or tearing of ligaments on the outside or lateral aspect of the ankle.

    Causes: The sudden turn of the foot, typically down and inward, may cause an ankle sprain. This often occurs when weight is applied to a foot that is on an uneven surface and foot "rolls in", or experiences an "inversion".

    Symptoms: Tenderness, swelling. Inability to put weight on ankle because of pain.

    Recommended Treatment: R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Reduce activity to promote healing. Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after each workout to reduce inflammation and pain. Be sure to get an evaluation by a medical professional and seek professional guidance on a proper rehabilitation program. Various exercises and stretching may help strengthen the injured ankle. A brace will stabilize the ankle and may help prevent further injury.

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