Iontophoresis Electrodes, Patches, and Phoresor Dose Controllers

Electrotherapy and Iontophoresis equipment are used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and hand therapists, to provide low voltage electrical impulses to assist in drug administration, pain management, neuromuscular muscle strengthening and re-education, as well a wide variety of other treatments. An assortment of accessories include phoresor dose controllers from Activatek and Chattanooga, electrotherapy electrodes from Axelgaard, Chattanooga, Pepin Manufacturing, Uni-Patch, and Richmar, as well as iontophoresis electrodes from Axelgaard, Iomed, Ionto Plus, IontoPatch, and Activatek. .

  • A wide selection of useful tools and accessories for electrotherapy are available
  • Gentle, accurate and easily controlled electrical impulses for a variety of physical medicine needs
  • Excellent designs and state of the art materials ensure ease of use and longevity
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