Specialty Batteries for Hospitals, Physicians Offices, Physical Therapy Clinics

We carry specialty batteries from Duracell to help power hospital beds, security devices, and most of the electronics used in the medical market.

Duracell offers lithium, zinc air, Silver Oxide, pre-charged, rechargeable, and alkaline batteries.

Sizes range from GV, 7.5 Volt, 12 Volt, AAA, AA, 9 Volt, 3 volt, 1.5 volt, Size D, Size C, Size DL1616, Size 675, Size 312, Size 13, Size 10, Size 370/371, Size 319, Sizes DLCRV3, DLCR2, DL2032, DL2016, DL1620. DL1025, and DL123A.

From All-Purpose Batteries to Rechargeables, Duracell offers trusted power for all of your devices.
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