Web-Slide Exercise Rail Wall Gym - Deluxe Assortment

Web-Slide Exercise Rail  Wall Gym - Deluxe Assortment

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    Product Description

    The Web-Slide Exercise Wall Gym is for regular users of low cost, every dayexercise equipment such as tubing, bands and pulleys—devices that provide resistance, stretching/traction and range of motion. The Web-Slide system utilizes exercise devices that provide resistance, ROM, stretching and traction. It is compact and includes everything needed---fixtures, exercise devices, and instructional materials---to quickly and effectively train and monitor patients. Mounting hardware included.

    Available in either Stainless Steel or Galvanized

    Using the Web-Slide Exercise Wall Gym is as easy as 1-2-3:
    1. Select exercise devices from the storage rack and choose exercises from the wall poster
    2. Slide the device onto the exercise rail at the desired elevation and have patients perform the assigned exercise routine
    3. Use "take-home" exercise sheets to prescribe home exercise programs. Make copies to chart progress and maintain patient histories
    Since the anchor strap that connects equipment to the rail can also be used to attach equipment to any standard door, Web-Slide patients can properly perform the assigned exercise routines learned at the clinic in the home or office - anywhere there is a door

    The Deluxe Assortment package comes complete with the components listed below. The system is available in your choice of Stainless or Galvanized Steel fixtures (Exercise Rails and Storage Rack).

    Included in the Deluxe Assortment:
    • STORAGE RACK - The 24" steel storage rack has 16 positions to store and organize web-strap exercise equipment
    • EXERCISE EQUIPMENT - There are 4 exercise devices and two accessory items (14 total pieces) that come with the system, including:
    • HOME RANGER® SHOULDER PULLEY for range of motion shoulder exercisesTHE ROPE for assisted stretches, mild traction
      EXERBAND 6' PRE-HANDLED BILATERAL TUBES for resistance and strengthening. One each of 5 resistance levels, XL - XH
      EXERBAND 3' PRE-HANDLED UNILATERAL TUBES for resistance and strengthening. One each of 5 resistance levels, XL - XH
      EXERBAND FITNESS BAR Easily affixes to any tube/band product to increase exercise options, portability, effectiveness
      EXTREMITY STRAP Comfortably anchors tubing to ankle or wrist for upper and lower extremity exercises
    • EXERCISE POSTERS - A wall poster is included for each exercise device in the system. Exercises on the poster also appear on the "take home" sheets. Included are poster for:
    • Resistance Bands and Tubing - More than 50 of the most commonly used strengthening exercises for resistance tubing, bands. Exercises are organized by body parts into 4 groups. 2' x 3' poster has a heavy grommets for easy hanging
      THE ROPE
    • TAKE HOME EXERCISE SHEETS - Each of the exercises depicted on the Tubing, Home Ranger, and Rope posters is also on a tear off sheet to assure that the precise instructions given at the clinic will go home with the patient. The backside of each sheet has a pre-printed exercise prescription form. Chart patient progress and maintain a historical record. Each pad is 8.5"x 11", 25 sheets.
    • EASY TO INSTALL - Exercise Rails mount to any wall stud in just minutes. (Complete installation instructions and materials provided)
    • EASY TO USE - Simply slide the web anchor strap into any of the 15 anchor point elevations and begin exercise session
    • EASY TO MAINTAIN - There are no moving parts/nothing to break. The Exercise Rail is truly an indestructible, "no muss, no fuss" piece of equipment.
    • MODULAR DESIGN - Each 6" x 28" durable rail section contains 5 "easy-slide" anchor point elevations, separated by 5" increments. Spread individual rail sections to create special focus stations, or place 3 together in a vertical line to create a 7'door height station with 15 anchor points
    • SAFE - Each anchor slot has been stamped with a special die to yield rounded, safe edges. The patented design with its fluted side ribs keeps the anchor points off the wall. This feature spreads the force of resistance through the entire length of the rail.
    • DURABLE - Made of heavy gauge steel, the exercise rails will not wear down or corrode with constant, heavy use.
    • VERSATILE - Exercises learned on the rail are easily replicated in the home. The anchor strap that connects equipment to the rail is also used to attach equipment to any standard door.

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