SRF Board (Stabilization, Rotation and Function)


SRF Board (Stabilization, Rotation and Function)

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    Product Description

    Designed by an PhD. PT for Exceptional Hip, Groin and Core Stabilization 

    The SRF Board is an excellent tool for developing rotational stability in both the hip and shoulder joints, and can also provide a role in developing rotational stability in the spine, knees, ankles and elbows. 

    • enhance functional core strength and stability
    • maximize functional leg strength and power
    • develop effective upper and lower body strength programs
    • maximize lower leg rotational strength
    • improve proprioception and reduces risk of sports injuries

    This versatile product allows you to do rehabilitation, general fitness cross-training and dance specific exercises. Resistance cords may be added from either end to assist or resist the forces of gravity on the user.

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