Exercise Mats - Mat (Blue, 1"x24"x75")


Exercise Mats - Mat (Blue, 1"x24"x75")

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    Close Exercise Mats - Mat (Blue, 1"x24"x75")

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    Product Description

    The Thera-Band® Exercise Mats are high-density, lightweight supports used to provide comfort, safety and protection against injury. The closed cell construction makes the exercise mats highly tear resistant so they last longer.They provide soft, resilient cushioning. Plus they are waterproof and easy to clean.


    • Cushioned support for comfortable floor exercises made of high-density polyethylene, a lightweight non-PVC material
    • Waterproof, wear resistant, washable, includes pre-drilled hanging holes and two elastic straps for easy storage
    • Easy on the back and knees for sit-ups and pushups, long enough for taller individuals, comfortable support for the elderly or anyone experiencing soreness or pain and needs some more cushion
    • Highest quality mat designed for repetitive use by physical therapists, gyms and fitness clubs, useful for the individual who wants the best
    • Not a standard yoga mat - 1" thick mats provide more cushion for rehab applications and .6" thick mats provide more utility for basic fitness workouts, 3.3' wide mats are perfectly suited for use with exercise balls

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