Stretching Straps, Yoga Straps, Pilates Straps, Ankle Stretchers

For stretching of the upper and lower body, Isokinetics offers stretch out straps, stretch straps, yoga straps, pilates straps, and ankle stretchers from OPTP, CanDo, Thera-Banbd, and Prostretch, at affordable prices.

Isokinetics Stretching equipment is results oriented, affordable, and very ease to use solution for a wide variety of stretching and strengthening needs. Through a wide variety of specialized stretches and exercises, (instructions for which are included), various knee, ankle and heel pains can be effectively treated.

  • Provides stretching and relief for heel spurs, plantar faciitis, lower back pain, arthritis, hamstrings and more
  • Durable and portable designs provide long lasting and mobile relief and strengthening
  • Easy to follow instructions make improving flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments as simple as possible
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