Fluidotherapy & Thermo-Therapy Dry Heat Units by Whitehall & Chattanooga Group

We offer Dry Heat therapy units from the Chattanooga Group and Whitehall Manufacturing. The Fliuidotherapy and ThermoTherapy units are used by physical therapists, hand therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers to provide dry heat in an airflow system to improve range of motion and to desensitizeinjured hands, fingers, feet and legs after injury or surgery. Improving range of motion after surgery or injury is the main focus of dry heat with cellex and airflow. The clinical benefits from the use of Fluidotherapy include relief of local pain, treatment of minor pain and stiffness associated with non-rheumatoid arthritis, increased local blood circulation and the management of joint range of motion when combined with exercise. Fluido therapy employs a system of controlled dry heat and airflow, combined with a CELLEX medium in order to desensitize skin and create limb buoyancy. Unlike other therapy options in the field, Fluidotherapy and Thermo-Therapy Dry heat units are truly unique.
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