TumbleForms Thera-Wedge System for Pediatric Physical Therapy


TumbleForms Thera-Wedge System for Pediatric Physical Therapy

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    Product Description

    Tumbleforms Thera-Wedge System provides dynamic therapy and proper positioning for your patient or child and is ideal for rehab clinics, physical therapy clinics, special education facilities, and home use. It is specially designed to meet the needs of adolescents and small adults. This system consists of two wedges contoured on one side and flat on the other. Use together to help break extensor patterns and relax clients into a flexion pattern. Provides proper prone and supine positioning, whether used alone or together. Complete system includes one double-sided 17" contoured wedge with ankle drop-off, one double-sided 12" contoured wedge, two wrap straps and one abductor module.

    Using the two Thera-Wedge modules together allows for a variety of angles and heights at the activity work surface. This encourages different degrees of head control as well as providing variety for required arm usage. The Large wedge can be turned upside down for client needing more support. Recessed center and side walls will provide lateral support.

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    • 2 sided contoured Wedge
    • Smaller Wedge interlocks with larger Wedge
    • Positioning strap that provides support
    • Large 23x38x10”, Small 23x38x12”.


    Large Wedge (23" X 38" X 17") Side 1
    Large Wedge (23" X 38" X 10") Side 2
    Small Wedge (23" X 38" X 12")
    Abductor (5" X 5" X 4")

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