Kinesio Clinical Video Series DVD - Throat & Mouth


Kinesio Clinical Video Series DVD - Throat & Mouth

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    Product Description

    Kinesio® Tex Tape and the Kinesio Taping® Method can be utilized very effectively as a rehabilitative tool with feeding and swallowing patients. It increases sensory and muscle functions and the tape can be used to facilitate weak muscles. The tape enhances the clinical practices of the therapist and the taping techniques can be taught to the caregivers to apply.
    Kinesio Taping® post wound will assist in swelling management by encouraging muscle pumping and lymphatic flow proximal and peripheral to the area to decrease swelling, encouraging decreased pain and increased rehabilitation potential. 
    This video includes the following 8 Kinesio® Taping Applications:  
    • TMJ
    • Jaw Stability
    • Bells Palsy
    • Constipation
    • Opening of the Diaphragm
    • Orbicularis Oris
    • Chin Tuck
    • Swallowing

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