Promaxima Incline Benches, Squat Stools, & Adjustable Benches for Weight Rooms & Fitness Centers

Promaxima incline benches, work benches, squat stools, & adjustable benches for fintess centers & weight rooms can be color coordinated to match the rest of your equipment in both metal finish and vinyl.

Promaxima Utility Benches can be used in concert with free weights or as a part of body weight resistance, callisthenic practices to deliver a wide range of effective strength training exercises. Each bench boasts the superior, commercial grade, heavy duty construction that Promaxima products are known for.

  • Many benches feature durable wheels for great mobility and incredibly easy storage or rearranging
  • Heavy duty spring loaded pins for reliable, easy to use and long lasting seat and seat back adjustment
  • Top notch, easily cleaned, bacteria resistant upholstery and rubber stoppers guarantee comfortable, quiet operation
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