Quantum Fitness Quick Circuit Hydraulic Excercise Stations

The Quantum Quick Circuit is a concentric only(push-pull) exercise system designed to be used in nursing homes, assisted living centers, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy centers to provide safe accommodating resistance exercises to patients that need conditioning . Accommodating hydraulic resistance in concentric(positive) exercise modes only avoids eccentric loading of muscles, For the older and weaker/deconditioned patient population, concentric only loading of muscles is a safe and effective way to get a patient to start exercising early and safely. With Hydraulic exercise from Quantum Fitness, the patient can exercise throughout the full range of motion of the machine safely, because as the patient fatigues, instead of the patient limiting their range of motion in a short arc, they are able to decrease their effort, and complete their full range of motion, much like in a swimming pool. As the patient moves slower, the resistance gets lighter.

The Quantum Fitness Quick Circuit machines have 6 manual resistance levels that can be set, giving the therapist, athletic trainer, or facility varying options for progressing a patient.

The Quantum Quick Circuit provides basic workouts for every major muscle group with durable, easy to use and simple equipment that's great for the whole family. With the use of hydraulic resistance an approachable, non-intimidating look is achieved while maintaining a minimal footprint for efficient use of floor space.

  • Delivers a full range of targeted exercises with varying resistances that are great for all kinds of users
  • Transport wheels provide excellent mobility for easy storage and further improved space efficiency
  • Each machine delivers a great workout for two separate muscle groups for greater diversity in training
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