Quantum High Impact Free Weight Training Series Weight Racks and Benches

Quantum High Impact Series products are used in Fitness Gyms, Training Rooms, and Schools that need high quality plate racks, dumbbell racks, weight racks, incline benches, flat benches, Smith machines, leg presses and crunch machines to help their members and athletes exercise safely and effectively with free weights. Quantum also offers a hyper-extension machine. Quantum's High Impact Weight Training Series include weight racks and benches for serious free weight exercise facility. With a huge variety of free weights and the most comprehensive safety, comfort and ease of use features, Quantum takes weight training to a new level.

  • Superior engineering provides the safest, most effective free weight training environment
  • High quality raw materials and commercial grade construction ensure durability and longevity
  • Luxurious padding and excellent grips and textures deliver a safe and comfortable workout every time
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