Kinetec Prima XL Bariatric Knee CPM Machine

Knee CPM machines can be used at home or in the hospital to provide economical range of motion therapy


Kinetec Prima XL Bariatric Knee CPM Machine

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    Product Description

    The Kinetec Prima XL Bariatrice Knee CPM is used during Phase 1 rehabilitation to provide range of motion therapy following a total knee replacement surgery, ACL reconstruction, Femur or Tibial Plateau Fracture surgery, Carticel Procedures, Closed Manipulation, and Micro-Fracture procedures. The primary benefit of the CPM is to increase range of motion, decrease swelling and pain, and to increase circulation, at an economical cost, versur manual physical therapy.

    The Kinetec Prima XL Bariatric Knee CPM will fit a patient that weights up to 500 pounds with room to spare. The Kinetec Prima XL Bariatric CPM is used primarily for post-op phase 1 rehabilitation after a total knee replacement or ACL repair, femur fracture, Carticel procedure, tibial plateau fracture, micro fracture, or closed manipulation.

    With simple and straightforward movement adjustments (angular limits, speed and patient sizing), the Kinetec Prima XL is the most intuitive and quick to install device currently available.It features tactile adjustment marks for clients with sight deficiency.

    Light- Only 11 Kg (24 pounds) to facilitate handling, the Kinetec Prima XL is easy to transport making it ideal for the hospital and private physiotherapy environments.

    COMPACT - Only 94 cm (37 inches) in length to facilitate installation into a hospital bed or in the client’s home and to aid storage.

    RANGE OF MOTION - From -5º to 115º of flexion. The Kinetec Prima XL makes it possible to treat all pathologies of the knee.


    • Bodyweight load rating of 500 lbs
    • Carriage width is 12 ½ inches
    • Exclusive Load Reserve ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint.
    • Patient sizing: from 4.92 ft to 6.40 ft
    • Speed: from 40º/minute to 145º/minute
    • Dimensions: length: 37”width: 14 ½”
    • Voltage: from 100 to 240 Volts

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