Hausmann Econo Mirrors for Physical Therpay


Hausmann Econo Mirrors for Physical Therpay

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    Product Code: ha_S-410-ha_S-420

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    Product Description

    Hausmann Econo Mirror or Hausmann Econo Mirror with weight rack are ideal for physical therapy and rehab clinis. The Econo Mirror is a full view mirror that allows the patient to see their entire body to see the progress they have made in their day to day life. The mirror comes equipped with (4) 2 1/2" Casters for easy movement and has ANSI safety backing. They can be used for rehabilitation of stroke victims, assist with visual imagery of the amputated limb or used in other ways such as exercise and weight rooms or with parallel bars and training stairs.



    • Full view glass mirror with ANSI Safety
    • Gray Laminate with (4) 2 1/2" casters
    • assist with all therapy needs
    • Ha_S-420 includes peg board with 11 hooks for hanging cuff weights
    • Cuff weights sold separately


    ha_S-410 - 24" X 70"

    ha_S-420 - 24" X 70" peg board back with 11 hooks

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