Knee CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) , shoulder CPM, elbow CPM, and ankle CPM

Knee CPM machines, Ankle, Shoulder and Elbow CPM machines are used to provide passive range of motion, during phase 1 rehabilitation, and to prevent joint stiffness and improve range of motion after surgery from total knee replacement(TKA) surgery, ACL surgery, femur fracture and tibial plateau fracture repairs, Carticel ligament surgery, micro fracture surgery, and closed manipulations of the knee, shoulder, and elbow, where mobilization is key for recovery of range of motion to the affected joint, and prevention of joint stiffness. These easy to use units are constructed with durable, state of art materials that ensure maximum longevity.

  • Alleviates pain by encouraging blood flow through a continuous passive movement in the affected joint
  • Helps prevent stiff joints with a wide variety of machines
  • Constructed with durable, sturdy materials which ensure security and longevity
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