Recumbent Squat System

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Recumbent Squat System

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    Product Description

    A closed-chain functional strength training system designed specifically for rehabilitation of ACL, PCL, Patellofemoral, and Lumbar Spine patients.

    • Articulating sled
    • Perform constant foot-contact exercise and plyometric exercise
    • Functional, color-coded footplate for plyometric exercise routines
    • Adjustable footplate accommodates various degrees of plantar and dorsiflexion
    • Range of Motion adjustment for controlled extension and flexion when required
    • Separate foot support allows single leg exercise
    • Flat sled and 1:1 lifting ratio allow patients to exercise at a specific percentage of body weight (i.e., 180 lb patient can exercise at 50% body weight)
    • 305 lb weight stack with 5 lb drop-on weight
    • Small footprint, low profile
    • 30" plyometric stroke accommodates patients to 6'10"

    Replicate a standing squat

    With the Recumbent Squat System patients in the supine position can now replicate a standing squat and perform closed chain, full function activities for walking, climbing and knee bending. The unique pivoting sled design allows for continuous lumbar support throughout the entire ROM, allowing patients that have difficulty holding a pelvic tilt to continue with the exercise.

    A true rehabilitation device

    While other systems are designed primarily for the fitness market, the Recumbent Squat System is a true rehabilitation device. Its articulating sled replicates squatting hip movement and pelvic tilt during the exercise to decrease hip flexion and, ultimately, patellofemoral compression forces and knee shear. A large, easy to adjust color-coded footplate is great for plyometric exercise routines. Range limiting provides controlled movements when required.

    Built to standards that will challenge even your most advanced rehabilitation patients, the Biodex Recumbent Squat System features a graduated 305 lb weight stack with a 5 lb drop-on weight. Since the lifting ratio is 1:1 and the articulating sled is flat, patients can exercise at a specific body weight percentage (i.e., an 180 lb individual can exercise at 50% body weight).

    The Recumbent Squat System features a small footprint, low profile and generous 30" plyometric stroke that can accommodate patients up to 6'10". Full-sized cushions and a shoulder/head cushioned support ensure comfort for all. The system provides full function activities for squats, walking, climbing and knee bending and is ideally suited for use in early rehabilitation of ACL, PCL, patellofemoral and lumbar spine patients.


    • Dimensions:
      - Width: 42" (107 cm) at widest point.
      - Length: 96" (244 cm), 110" (280 cm) with footplate fully extended.
      - Height: 72" (183 cm).
      - Footprint: 30" (76 cm) wide
    • Weight Stack: Total Weight: 305 lb
      (138.2 kg) with 5 lb (2.3 kg) drop-on. Top plate: 25 lb (11.3 kg). Seven 10 lb (4.5 kg) weights, Fourteen 15 lb (6.8 kg) weights.
    • Weight per square foot: 19 lb (8.7 kg)
    • Total Machine Weight: 600 lb (273 kg).
    • Warranty:
      Structural frame, guide rods, weight stack and bearings - 5 years parts and labor.
      Cable, pulleys, attachments, threads and knobs - 1 year parts and labor.
      Upholstery, straps, pads, and other parts not listed - 60 days parts and labor.
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