Thera-Band Professional Exercise Station for Home Exercise


Thera-Band Professional Exercise Station for Home Exercise

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    Product Description

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    The Thera-Band Exercise Station combines strength, balance and flexibility exercises into one convenient system for fitness and therapy. It is a platform that acts as a connection and integration point for various popular rehab and fitness devices, including exercise/fitness balls, elastic resistance tubing and bands, stability trainer pads, rocker boards, and wobble boards.

    The system allows easy progression of exercises by increasing the challenge or resistance of the exercise. The center cavity of the exercise station is designed to fit all popular exercise ball sizes as well as Thera-Band Stability Trainers, Rocker and Wobble Boards (sold separately). Six connection points allow tubing to be attached at a variety of locations.

    The Thera-Band Exercise Station was developed for providers of fitness and rehab, including personal trainers and athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors and individuals seeking a compact strength and balance exercise system. It can be used in health/fitness clubs, athletic training rooms, rehab clinics, places of work or at home.

    • Progressive strength training
    • Progressive balance training
    • Upper and lower extremity strengthening
    • Closed chain exercises
    • Core strengthening
    • Stepping exercises
    • Group fitness programs
    • Senior fitness and rehab
    Thera-Band Exercise Station

    Thera-Band Accessories

    The entry level system includes a molded, high impact polyethylene platform with 6 connection points for the Thera-Band Elastic Resistance Tubing. The system also includes two pieces each of Thera-Band Tubing in Red, Green, and Blue level resistance cut to 12", 18", and 24", for a total of 18 tubing connectors. All tubing is provided complete with snap connectors at both ends for easy connection to accessories or platform pins.

    The tubing lengths may be used with the supplied 3 foot padded bar, supplied pair of standard Thera-Band Exercise Handles, or supplied pair of Thera-Band Assist Straps, all designed with "D" style rings for simple connection to tubing. The system includes detailed instructions with all the various training protocols, and it's ideal for any clinic or training center where these materials are routinely used.

    Programming information provided within the easy to follow instruction guide breaks down the training routines into upper body, lower body, core, and balance sections. Cardio, stretching, strength training, and balance references are cited as per the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for a well rounded program. Additional rehabilitation protocols are provided for neck, back, knee, shoulder, and balance training.

    Each single unit carton contains:
    • 1 Professional Exercise Station
    • 2 12" Red Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 18" Red Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 24" Red Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 12" Green Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 18" Green Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 24" Green Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 12" Blue Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 18" Blue Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 24" Blue Exercise Tubing w/Connectors
    • 2 Thera-Band Exercise Handles with D-Ring Connectors
    • 2 Thera-Band Assist Straps with D-Ring Connectors
    • 1 36" Padded Bar with two D-Ring Connectors
    • 1 Instruction Guide/Exercise Poster
    Note: Exercise balls, wobble and stability boards and other Thera-Band accessories, some which may be pictured above, are sold separately.

    Request a Free Exercise Station Instructional DVD (opens a new window). Click here.

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    • Integrated System - combines progressive strength, balance and flexibility training
    • Lightweight and Portable - unique design allows the Station to be carried and moved easily
    • Thera-Band system of color progression - 3 levels of resistance tubing provide easier recognition and integration of the progressive system, and support a wide range of individual skill levels
    • Clip-on Tubing Connectors - Three lengths of tubing in three resistance levels include easy-to-change connectors that withstand the elongation of the tubing to 3 times its original length (for example, 12 inches stretched to 36 inches)
    • Stackable - maximizes space in clubs, clinics, home or office
    • Ridged Side Steps - provide stability for progressive stepping exercises
    • Full-color Professional Instruction Poster - provides 24 programming options
    • Downloadable, customized exercise programs available at:
    • Endorsement - Thera-Band Tubing endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)


    • Size: 24" x 44" x 2.5"
    • Color: Granite / Gray
    • Case Qty: 1
    • Case Wt: 19.0 lbs.
    • Base - Polyethylene
    • Tubing - Manufactured from natural rubber latex
    • Padded Bar - Neoprene pad with PVC caps - wooden core

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