TENS, IFC, & Muscle Stimulators for Pain Management & Muscle Re-education

The Biomedical Life Systems SD Tens unit is very similar to the Empi Select Tens unit. For a high quality alternative for your self pay patients, the Impulse 3000 Tens unit from Biomedical Life Systems is a high quality economical alternative.

We have Portable Interferential Units, TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators(NMES) Units to help in the management of chronic pain, disuse atrophy, and to help with muscle strengthening. Our high quality, low cost portable units are made by Biomedical Life Systems, Chattanooga Group, and Ultima Products. Included with each portable device are batteries, lead wires, and enough adhesive electrodes to get you started for the first month of use. All of our portable units come with a lifetime warranty for normal personal use. We cannot offer a lifetime warranty for clinical use, but we can offer a one year warranty for any of our portable devices that are used in a clinic. We also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, call us and we will arrange for a full refund.
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